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Kenya resumes avocado exports

International sales were suspended on 15 November to halt the harvesting of unripe fruit and protect the market

According to Infoafrica, avocado exports have resumed in Kenya also because of a shortage of products from leading world producers Mexico and Peru, where the fruit is now out of season.

Head of the Horticultural Crops Directorate (HCD), Benjamin Tito, has in fact authorised exports of the Fuerte variety from 4 March, while the harvesting and export of the Hass avocado will begin on 18 March.

International sales of these two varieties, which account for 90% of exports, were suspended on 15 November to try to halt the harvesting of unripe fruit and protect the market, limiting shipments of low quality avocados.

The decision to resume exports, explained Benjamin Tito to Business Daily, comes after a study demonstrated that at least 20-30% of the fruit is ready for harvesting. And the absence of products from Mexico and Peru on the market could enable Kenya to sell at a higher average price, particularly in the European Union, the second biggest consumer of avocados in the world after the United States.

In 2021, Kenya exported 117,000 tonnes of avocado with total revenues amounting to 160 million dollars.

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