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Peru, war affects avocado exports to Russia

In February the conflict between Russia and Ukraine led to a 6% fall in volumes and a 19% fall in value

The war is affecting Peruvian avocado exports to Russia. In fact, last month shipments of avocado from Peru fell compared with the same period in 2021 due to the impact of the war in Ukraine on international trade.

Thanks to the efforts of the export companies, the Peruvian avocado season has been extended with shipments now taking place right throughout the year. As such, according to Peruvian consultancy firm Fresh Fruit, in the first two months of 2022 Peru exported 18,355 tonnes of avocado worth $41 million, a 1% increase in volume and an 11% reduction in value compared with the previous year.

February 2022: fall in export volumes (-49%) and value (-34%)

In January, exports were up 24% in volume and 14% in value. But in February, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine led to a 6% fall in volumes and a 19% fall in value. In February of last year Russia had been the third biggest market for Peruvian avocados, accounting for 11% of total exports.
This year, in the same month, avocado shipments to Russia amounted to just 989 tonnes worth $2 million, a 49% reduction in volume and a 34% downturn in value. This saw Russia fall to fourth place, behind China.

The Spanish and Dutch markets have also been affected by the conflict. Peruvian exports to Spain came to 1727 tonnes with a value of $4 million, 28% down in terms of volume and 40% down in value.
Meanwhile, 5397 tonnes of avocado worth $11 million were shipped to the Netherlands, a similar volume to last year (5166 tonnes) but down 17% in terms of value.

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