Buone prospettive per Spar Handels

La catena tedesca prevede un ritorno all’attivo nel 2005

Buone prospettive per Spar Handel

La catena di supermercati prevede un ritorno all’attivo nel 2005 con il completamento del piano di ristrutturazione. La compagnia ha registrato una perdita di 379,4 milioni di euro nel 2002.

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Spar Handels AG expects to return to profit in 2005, the company said on July 10, 2003. The company is currently carrying out the last phase of its restructuring programme, to be completed by 2005. Spar plans to close or sell its 340 Intermarche and Eurospar supermarkets and to integrate its subsidiary Spar CSK, which operates petrol stations and pavilions, to further reduce costs. Spar operated some 1,026 Netto discount stores with a total area of 756,755 sq m at the end of 2002 and will further expand the network. The company plans also to continue operating as a wholesaler. Spar’s wholesale business generated a E3bn turnover in 2002, which accounted for 41 pct of the company’s turnover in 2002. Spar’s retail business, including consumer and food discount markets, generated a turnover of E4.3bn, which was 59% of Spar’s turnover. The discount chain Netto posted a turnover of E2.9bn, up 12.4% year-on year. Intermarche and Eurospar supermarkets decreased their turnover to E1.3bn, down 11.1% year-on-year and registered the largest losses of the company’s finance results.




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