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La UE mette online il Rapid Alert System

Reso pubblico il sistema di rapida allerta per la sicurezza alimentare in Europa. Pistacchi iraniani con alfatossine tra i primi riscontri in Italia.

Disponibile online il sistema di rapida allerta dell’Unione Europea, un network informativo per lo scambio di informazioni su alimenti che rappresentano un rischio per il consumatore. I rapporti settimanali saranno d’ora in poi disponibili su Internet al seguente indirizzo:



European Union

Sanitary/Phytosanitary/Food Safety

Reports of Rapid Alert System Go Online


Approved by:

Christine Strossman

U.S. Mission to the European Union, Brussels

Prepared by:

Gerda Vandercammen

Report Highlights:

The rapid alert sytem is an EU information network exchanging information on food and feed

that presents a risk to consumers. The weekly reports of the notifications under the rapid

alert will from now on be available on the Internet.

Includes PSD Changes: No

Includes Trade Matrix: No

Unscheduled Report

Brussels USEU [BE2] [E2]

GAIN Report – E23084 Page 2 of 2

The EU rapid alert system is a network of national authorities managed by the European

Commission that exchanges information on measures taken to address potential health risks in the

area of food and feed. The EU’s general Regulation on Food Safety (Regulation 178/2002)

extended the legal basis for the Rapid Alert System to include not only food but also feed

products. This regulation furthermore introduced the requirement for public access to rapid

alert notifications.

From now on, weekly reports will be provided on DG SANCO?s website at


The first report covering the

period May 12-18 was published earlier this week.

“Alert” notifications concern products which are on the market and which present a risk to the

consumer; “information” notifications relate to products for which it can be assumed that they

have not been placed on the market, because they were stopped at the border.

Information is provided on the type of product and the problem identified, the origin of the

product and the notifying Member State. Names of companies are not published as this

information is considered to be commercially sensitive.

The Commission also published, for the first time, an annual activity report for the rapid alert

system. This report gives a complete overview of all the notifications, the breakdown of

notifications by notifying Member State, by food product concerned, by the hazard identified and

by producing country. The report, which covers calendar year 2002 is available from the internet

at http://europa.eu.int/comm/food/fs/sfp/ras_index_en.html


The purpose of the rapid alert system for food and feed (RASFF) is to provide the control authorities with an effective tool for exchange of information on measures taken to ensure food safety.

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