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Mini-angurie da 12 cm in vendita negli States

La nuova varietà della Syngenta Seeds arriverà in Europa tra due anni.

Mini angurie in vendita negli States

Si tratta di una piccola anguria di 12 centimetri di diametro, dolce e senza semi che sta comodamente in frigo, il sapore è uniforme e la buccia sottilissima. Per raggiungere questo risultato la multinazionale svizzera ha incrociato alcune varietà di piccole angurie già esistenti in natura.

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Mini-melons go on sale in US

A sweet, seedless watermelon that fits easily in your fridge has been created by US researchers. The 12-centimetre mini-melons, created by normal breeding, have already gone on sale in some parts of the US.

The mini-melons also have a thinner rind and a uniform flavour throughout the fruit. In contrast, traditional water-melons tend to concentrate the flavour in a “sweet spot” in the middle, says John Sorenson of Syngenta Seeds, the company that has developed the variety at its labs in Boise, Idaho, over the past four years.

The scientists crossed wild dwarf varieties of melon, found in undisclosed locations outside the US, with established commercial strains. They then bred the resulting mini-melons to have thin skins.

Finally, they created a seedless version by generating two “master” hybrid lines, one with the usual two sets of chromosomes and one with four sets. When the two are crossed with one another, they produce seedless offspring with three sets of chromosomes.

“The seed supply is very limited but it’s building up, and we anticipate the melons being available in Europe in the next two years or so,” says Sorenson. But the mini-melons are unlikely to find favour at the seed-spitting competitions held in the US.

Andy Coghlan

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